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HandyMice Foldable Wireless Computer Mouse

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The HandyMouse is more than just a traditional mouse, it’s innovative design takes it to a whole new level. The mouse is built with advanced technology that makes everyday life easier. Its minimalistic design features hidden add ons that a regular mouse doesn’t have. The mouse is foldable, easily converting into a presentation tool and it’s also a great substitute for a TV remote. The scrolling mouse is wireless, making it compatible with any small or large device. If you tend to work long periods of time with a regular mouse then it’s time to switch over to our premium mouse!

Product feature:
1.High-end surface with stylish design, it shows simple and gliding cobblesone surface and proper to move on the desktop. It will change into cucumber shape which give you the best hand-hold experience.             
2.Ultra light weight,comfortable and portable ,its thickness only 24mm.            
3.Intelligent switchover between desktop and handy mode.            
4.Innovative gear-dialing,do as your wish. While with Handy mode,you can operate the dialing gear with thumb in full-aspect without mouse pad.            
5.In the Handy mode,laser pointer and oage tuming function will be a great helper to teaching and business conference.            
6.High precision IR location bring excellent efficiency, tracking engine has no delay at all.            
7.Up to 1600DPI resolution ratio,three levels options 800/1200/1600. Precise position tracking,cope with variant surfaces easily which is applicable for all users.            
8 Magical sensing touch-control,comfortable office experience, comes with precise location and quiet rolling.            
9.Smart power saving mode. When the mouse is not being using over 10 mins, it will change to deep dormant mode automatically.  

Product Parameter:

Model U10 4D Wheel Control Touch-control
Battery model One AA size battery Optical resolution 800\1200\1600dpi,optional
Wireless Connection 2.4GHz Operation system Win7/8/10xp/IOS
Wireless Distance 5-10 meters Desktop mode: 125*63*24mm
Desktop Mode IR Hand-hold mode: 125*48*32mm
Handy Mode Multifunction 4D dialing gear Product Weight  62g


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HandyMice Foldable Wireless Computer Mouse

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