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5 Exceptional Action Cameras in 2017

5 Best Action Cameras in 2017

GoPro Hero5, HAMSWAN F60, TG-Tracker

Action cameras have taken on an identity of their own, having redefined the possibilities of photography and filming. They’re designed to be attached to various objects, from helmets to cars, and consumer demand for action cameras to be tough, small, and simple to operate has influenced the development curve of these devices, which are now capable of catching high definition imagery from a whole new perspective.

Action cameras capture shots from a dramatic point of view (POV) angle, which has helped them become popular among sports and adventure enthusiasts, who can simply attach the lightweight device to their attire and document their experience for later consumption. Technology has come a long way, especially when you consider this would be impossible with regular cameras.

GoPro has revolutionized the concept of action cameras, but there are many alternatives which bring their own unique qualities to the market, such as the bullet style iON Air Pro. There are so many different action cameras to choose from, so ultimately your decision should be based on what you want out of your camera. This article has collected five of the best action cameras available in 2017, to help provide inspiration and intrigue for a very popular and current topic.
GoPro action camera

This prized action camera has an Ultra 170 wide-angle glass lens, is fully waterproof up to 98ft, and has a 2 inch HD display. It is capable of high-quality recordings, and the HAMSWAN F60 is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, where it the perfect size for portability and uses a slick, eye-catching design. This great camera will fulfill an array of recording needs, and once you have captured high-quality video, the HAMSWAN app can be used to easily upload footage and take control of all functions and settings. With cool anti-shake and motion detection features, this camera is a great purchasing option which is certainly worth consideration.
F60 action camera

The TG-Tracker is waterproof up to 30 meters, is lightweight, has an excellent battery life, and is capable of 1080p recording and 4K video. It' s futuristic design is a huge plus, and the wide lens boasts impressive technical capabilities. You can also capture in slow motion, and there is a small LED video light which is built into the camera. Above all else, the sensors really capture the imagination of users. They have GPS, compass acceleration, a barometer and a thermometer, which have intel that can be appreciated once you’ve finished recording and are working on the editing process. The TG-tracker can withstand temperatures of -10°C, a useful feature for those who are willing to withstand freezing conditions!
Olympus TG-Tracker

YI 4K Action Camera
This camera is incredibly lightweight, can capture 4K video, has an impressive stills resolution at 12MP, and boasts a bigger touchscreen than you get with a GoPro. This camera is perfect for those who don’t intend to use their camera underwater, and since this model doesn’t have a waterproof feature, YI has been able to focus on the camera’s core features: a big responsive touchscreen, fast file transfer speeds, and a big battery. What it loses in novelty features, it certainly makes up for in functionality, making this a fantastic addition for adventurers.
YI 4K action camera

TomTom Bandit
This amazing camera is splashproof, can capture 4K video, 1080p recordings, and can capture still images at 16MP. Supporting the bullet camera trend, the Bandit incorporates features which will keep other companies on their toes. TomTom has built on their GPS experience by including sensors which can record location, speed, and G-force, and the Bandit can even automatically tag exciting encounters as they happen, meaning high priority moments can be easily extracted when you watch the footage back. By connecting with the app, users can simply upload their recording at the click of a button, so things really couldn’t be any simpler.
TomTom Bandit

I hope you have found this article informative, and if you’d like to shed some light on cameras that we haven’t mentioned, be sure to comment below to kickstart the discussion.

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