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Infrared Digital Forehead Thermometer for Baby

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HAMSWAN temporal thermometer is backed by clinical studies and recommended by medical professionals.
One-button quick operation for measuring body temperature.
According to the infrared technology, HAMSWAN digital thermometer can measure the temperature of ear and forehead.
At the same time, you can also use it to measure the temperature of milk and room.
It can choose 3 age range - a.3 months-6 years; b. 6 years-12 years; c. above 12 years, which will be more accurate.

Press the measure button, and the result will be output in one second. you can care your baby
with the thermometer indoor and outdoor at any time. You can read it clearly even in the dark with a large LCD screen.
The temporal thermometer includes beeps and orange or red light to notify that you have a fever if the temperature exceeds 37.5℃/99.6℉.
40 last readings keep tracking the health data for the long term.
The baby forehead and ear thermometer equipped with mute function, you can switch two modes freely without waking your baby.
When there is a cover, it is the forehead temperature mode, please scan the measurement from the left to the right of the forehead.
When the cover is removed, it is the ear temperature mode.

3 Colors Backlight
When the correct result is measured, the backlight From LCD will light different color to indicate the temperature range:
Green:T<99.5℉ (32ºC ≤ T ≤ 37.5ºC) Normal
Orange:99.5℉≤T≤100.4℉(37.6ºC ≤ T ≤ 38.0ºC) Low fever
Red:100.4℉≤T (38.1ºC ≤ T ) High fever

Features of Product:
One-button measurement, simple and quick.
3 modes for measuring the temperature of body, surface and room.
Store 40 measurements to compare body temperature changes.
High temperature alarm, promptly reminding abnormal body temperature.
Normal using condition: Ambient temperature:10℃-40 ℃ , Relative humidity:≤85%.
Each time there is a significant change in the ambient temperature due to a change in environment, to allow the product to acclimatize to this ambient temperature for at least 15 minutes before using it.
Do not expose this thermometer to extreme temperature conditions higher than 54.4 ℃ or lower than -20℃.

Package Content:
1X Cloth Bag
1X Forehead Thermometer
1X User Manual

2 x AAA Battery Not Including

Download User Manual

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