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LED Bathroom Mirror Round Three-Colour LED Light with Adjustable Brightness

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φ60 cm large high-resolution copper-free silver mirror, the mirror is smooth and flat, high-definition illuminates every detail, ultra-thin design,
the thickness of the entire make-up mirror is 1.3 inches.

the cosmetic mirror can switch between warm light, cold light, white light and three-color lighting and has the function of stepless dimming.
The light is set from dark to light or from light to dark without level adjustment to meet the needs of light brightness in any environment.

independent anti-fog switch design, separate control of light switch and anti-fog switch, anti-fog function can be turned on and off as needed,
safe and energy saving. Turn on the built-in anti-fog function. No need to use anti-fog spray or wipe the mirror surface in the shower.

LED lifespan: 50,000 hours (3 hours daily use of the mirror will last 45 years), the materials used are copper-free environmentally friendly materials
and silver plated reflection layer, the mirror effect is more high-definition.

Our LED lights have waterproof and moistureproof back and the protection grade is IP65, which is higher than most bathroom mirrors on the market,
to ensure safe lighting in a damp bathroom environment.

Material: ABS glass.
Size: 60cm(23.6 inch)
Weight: 3670 g(8lb)
Power supply mode: 100-240V

Product packaging
1 x Hamswan DP339 make-up mirror.
1 x manual.
1 x plug.

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LED Bathroom Mirror Round Three-Colour LED Light with Adjustable Brightness

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