Virtual Reality Headset Buying Guide

VR headsets become affordable and better, varied from the expensive and heavy devices released in 20th century. And virtual reality technology has a huge development in the last few years, more and more people can have a private and affordable virtual reality headset. Since it is at its growth, a great plenty of different VR headsets are available in market, so how to buy the right one for yourself?

Firstly, to have a VR system, a display and some kind of input are basics. And most of the budget VR headset uses mobile phone as a display while the expensive and high end ones have built-in display screen. And the input can range from eye tracking devices, motion sensor to hand controllers. There’s no one, specific device that’s right for each person. So you should select one depend on your budgets and requirements.

Google Cardboard

Extremely simple device for experience VR technology. Mainly built by cardboard, lenses, magnets, velcro and a rubber band, Google Cardboard can be hand made by anyone and you can try it out using your mobile phone as the screen. Google even shows the building instructions online. This one brings the VR devices to an affordable level and makes it available all over the world. Customizations and special materials can drive up the price, but it is comparably cheap.

The immersive experience mostly depend on your phone’s performance since the device only use two magnifying lenses. And there is no guarantee that your smartphone would handle Google Cardboard apps well. And it absolutely cannot get high quality and comfortable immersive experience as high-end headset.
• Low cost option
• Easy to use
• Limited functions


It is an updated version of the Google cardboard. With innovative fabric design, light weight and comfortable wearing, it contributes to immersive visual experience with high definition images. The most important feature is the lightweight and stylish appearance allowing long-time comfortable use.

The mid-range headset have better performance and offer immersive experience using your smartphone and more sophisticated built-in controls and focus wheels. Their quality and features varied a lot in mid-range market while HAMSWAN VR Headset provides high quality material and basic features at affordable price and would release updated version with built-in headphone and multi-functional keys for immersive experience, which I believe would be the best buy in mid-range VR headset.

Both of them works with smartphone within 4 to 6 inches, which compatible with almost all the iOS and Android smartphones.
• Affordable price with high quality material
• Multi-functional features
• Comfortable long-term use

High End Devices

If you have game consoles and external computers and enough budget, then you shall get the high end VR devices such as Oculus Rift, HTC’s Vive and Sony VR. They come with high quality material, high-resolution screens, motion tracking and comfortable wearing. Thanks to the positional tracking and motion controllers, contributing to the most immersive experience, makes them different and much better.

A standout feature of high end devices is that you can move or walk around in your virtual surroundings. You can do more than just look up, down and around as being seated in a chair when you play the VR games, experience the star space and enjoying fantastic adventures.

Besides, apart from the high-powered headset, they all require extra non-cheap hardware, which you need buy separately.
• Excellent VR experience
• Allows more freedom when experience
• Most expensive