The Steam Deck Noise Mystery: How Players Can Control Fan Noise

You are enjoying the game brought by Steam Deck in your hand, when suddenly, you notice a subtle sound, it is like cicadas in the tropical rainforest, or the subtle hiss inside your electronic device. You realize that it's your Steam Deck that is "screaming".

This is a little-known issue with the Steam Deck, Valve's portable gaming console. Some players found that the fan of the device would emit high-frequency noise during use. This issue has aroused heated discussions in some game communities. However, the actual noise situation in each situation is not uniform, some users report that their devices are as quiet as a mouse, while others say that the noise of their Steam Deck is so severe that they have to wear headphones while playing games​ .

So, where is the problem?

It turned out that Valve used two different fans in the production of the Steam Deck. One is manufactured by Delta and the other by Huaying. Among them, the Delta fan is considered a poorer part, and Valve did not design for this part. This explains why some Steam Deck fans make annoying noises.

So, what can we do to solve this problem? There is good news here. Restoration company iFixit has found a supply of Huaying fans and has started selling replacement fan kits, according to an article in The Verge. This kit includes a simple screwdriver, a pair of tweezers, and some blue spudgers for opening the Steam Deck's plastic casing. You can replace the fan for about 15 minutes and $30.

However, it's worth noting that replacing the fan doesn't necessarily eliminate the noise completely. The replaced fan still produces sound, but it's more like the sound of air escaping the fan than a high-frequency noise. Most people report that they can easily ignore the noise from the new fan, while the high frequency noise of the old one often gets their attention.