Personal Blender Buying Guide

Personal blenders are a great way to make sure that your routine of having health drink on daily basis does not get interrupted. There is not dearth of personal size blender in the market but still getting a holistic one demands you to spare some time for research. Buying a personal smoothie blender would be easier if define your criteria in advance and then start searching for the perfect one.

Why We Choose Personal Blenders

If you are short on time and your daily routine demands you to be out of the house most of the times, then high performance blenders could be your best option. These blenders have a small electric motor but that would suffice the need of getting your favorite smoothie on the go. A best personal size blender would not only be powerful to blende any type of smoothie but will also give an option of hands free and ease of use. It takes as much as only a minute to blend a perfect smoothie. Also, it should not take much of your space in the kitchen because of the small size and footprints. It is also easy to commute in case you are in no mood to give up on your strict diet.

Most of the best budget blenders for smoothies would have one common feature which is easy to use and low power motor. Personal blender reviews are given on the basis of how well they mix different fruits such as bananas, raspberries, and other frozen fruits and the time taken by each of them to make a perfect blended smoothie. In case the blender does not successfully blend in the stipulated time, its time to go for the next one. Not just different fruits but the best portable blender should also blend the water and fruit smoothly as if there was no water added. Also, while straining the leftover solids, particles and fibers they are close to nothing. So, if you are on a lot of fiber diet then getting one blender which uses the fibers optimally should be the obvious choice.

Some of the top rate personal blenders are as follows:

• NutriBullet Pro 900
• NutriBullet, Cuisinart CPB-300
• Jamba Juice Quiet Shield
• Vitamix S-55
• Nutri Ninja
• Tribest PB-150
• Bella Rocket Pro
• Bella Rocket
• Magic Bullet Blender
• Hamswan KP-1506 Personal Blender

How To Choose A Personal Blender

Well, there are few features which come around as useful parameters to select the best blender for the purpose of making smoothies. Some of these features are:

Removable Blades: A smoothie blender should always have removable blades which make cleaning easier. Removable blades can simply be detached from the blender and washed under the running water.

Smaller Footprint: The whole idea of a portable blender is that it does not require much space. A blender which occupies only a small space in the kitchen or on the working slab should be considered over the blenders with the huge built. Modern kitchens are equipped with various types of appliances and other utility items but lack space. Most of the home owners want to have the blender which saves space in the kitchen. Bullet shaped blenders are the perfect example of the space saving blender.

All Inclusive: Sometimes our purchase decisions are crippled by the short-sightedness. Most of us would think that since on daily basis we only go for banana smoothie, there is no point of investing in the blender that is also capable of crushing the ice and so on. However, such decision backfires in case you change your mind from regular smoothie to try something different. Therefore, spending a little and getting the perfect blender would be a wiser choice. You can consider the cup size, the blades, top lid, gaskets etc. in order to do several functions and do not regret your purchase.

Affordability: Now, earlier we told you that the blender should be all inclusive but it does not mean that you should search for a whole lot of useless functions and modes in a blender which then inflate the price of the blender. The idea is to have a portable blender rather than a complex machines with slew of functions that are merely show off to spike the price. While researching on different types of blenders make sure that the one you select gets the blending function right above everything else.

Blending Tough Ingredients: It is important that you select one blender which can easily blend the tough substances and crush ice. At the same time it should retain the consistency of the smoothie. If your blender has the ice crushing feature, it is the best to pick. You can whip up your cocktail and the yummy smoothies.

At Least Two Serve: Portablility does not mean that the blender cannot hold more than single serve because at times you might want to make the smoothie for 2-3 people. Let’s say that you want to serve your two kids, smoothies when they return from play. However, it is not feasible to make two rounds of smoothies, rather the container should be big enough to blend enough smoothie for a couple of people.

Dishwasher Safe: A lot of people are there who use dishwasher to do the dishwashing at home. Thus, you should look for the blender which is dishwasher safe. Thus, you can easily clean it in the dishwasher.

Automatic Blending Programs: Some of the blenders offer automation in blending and other blending option. It also helps them to make an adjustment between the blending, mixing and other types of blending option. It means, you can relax and let the blender to perform the blending work perfectly according to the type of ingredient.

Noiseless Operations: It is true that you won’t like to keep anything that is noisy, neither your partner nor your blender. Thus, you should look for the blender that is less noisy in operations. It allows you to enjoy your cooking even at the late night when everyone is at sleep.

Warranty By The Manufacturers: Don’t even think about buying the blender which does not come with the warranty. You are required to get the blender that is available with the warranty. This allows you to remain on the safer side. If you blender gets any kind of trouble, you can get the problems fixed easily.

Choose The Best Type of Personal Blenders

Magic Bullet Blenders

If you are looking for a single serve blender, then bullet blender is the best option. It is a little and personal blender type that you can accommodate easily in your kitchen. You can even carry bullet blenders while going on a short trip. This type of blender allows the users to blend, chop, mix, grin and whip the ingredients in the small quantities. In this type of blender, there are no buttons to press which makes it more convenient to use. You just have to put the cup on the blending blade and rotate it to fix it perfectly. Now, press it down to blend. People who want to cut down their time in cooking or like to have smoothies everywhere should get this type of blender from the top brands.

Immersion Blenders or Smoothie Blenders

This type of blender is small in size and has less powerful motor. It is handy to carry and use. You have to immerse this type of blender in the jar or the glass with the ingredients you want to blend. When you turn on the blender, the blending will be started and within a minute you will get the smooth textured smoothie. This type of blender is a perfect choice for those who want to have thin blended drinks or blending soft ingredients. You can have this type of blender in the cordless battery powered and the corded variants. Hence, you can get the great portability by buying this type of blender.

You can get the best portability by buying the following discussed blender.

Hamswan KP-1506 Personal Blender

While all these blenders perform well and to the satisfaction of the reviewers, one that stood out was the HamswanKP-1506 Personal Blender.

The package comes with blender, a 600ml cup, a 300ml cup, two drinking lids and user manual to guide the newbie throughout the whole smoothie making process. The blender comes with the 4-leaf stainless steel blades, portability, pulse blending and so on. The blender retains the flavor and the consistency irrespective of the fruits used. It would also blend the crushed ice just perfectly into the smoothie which is a plus, given its small size. You can check its amazing performance through the video below. Overall, this blender has been near to 10 on the satisfaction scale from 1 to 10.

Overall, any blender buying guide would tell you that the blender should neither be too small nor very big that it does not serve the purpose of portable. A blender should be powerful enough to make the perfect smoothie, retaining the texture and the consistency of the drink. Going for top of the price blender or being too obsessed with the low cost blender would not serve the purpose right. Some of the brands that have been aforementioned would offer you the best smoothie experience. Get the high performance and cost effective blender for making variety of shakes and smoothies to pent up your daily diet and lead a healthy life.