Lighted Makeup Mirror Buying Guide

We all need a mirror to put on makeup regardless of your expertise as a makeup artist. It is a fact that no one can put makeup on him/herself. Therefore you will need a makeup mirror to look beautiful. Lighted makeup mirrors are usually bathroom accessories, and their main feature are fluorescent lights.

There are different types of makeup mirrors as discussed below.
Types of makeup mirror with lights
Classification by function

Wall mounted mirrors

These are mirrors that are attached to the wall, and they are designed such that you must move closer to the mirror or further your face from the mirror. The benefit of this type of mirror is that it leaves space for your makeup, but it has to be set up.
Travel mirrors

They are a small and compact mirror which is made to be slow and are portable. These mirrors are attractive, and most women have them in their handbags. If you want to purchase something that you can use as you travel, a portable lighted makeup mirror is definitely the best. And a quality grip is essential for best usage.

The best portable makeup mirror should have little to no distortion of the image. Choose a handheld mirror that has two mirrors and is rotatable. One mirror comes with a regular overview while the next one comes with a magnified one which will make it easier to view portions that cannot be displayed on a normal overview.

When purchasing travel mirrors, you should look for one that is additionally protected like the one that it's sturdy and made with shatter free glass.
Table top mirrors

These mirrors have a stand or a base and have a variety of mirrors with different magnifications and fit on a flat surface such as a desk or a table. These type of mirrors are popularly found at home or at offices. They are usually preferred when there is already a makeup desk or in an apartment where you are living with your friends.

When purchasing these types of mirrors, you should purchase the ones that have a quality and stronger weight base which will ensure that they do not topple over when you are using. Moreover, you should buy table top mirrors that have adjustable magnification. Also, the height of the table top makeup mirror is necessary; if you are buying for children, you should look for a shorter one say 5” and if for adults you should buy a taller one like 15”.


These are large mirrors with full desks and have been designed for a sole purpose of applying makeup. The desk has a lot of drawers which are filled with makeup and skin care products.

Classification by size

Small-sized makeup mirrors

The small sized best light up makeup mirrors are usually small enough which increases their portability. They are used for traveling and easily fit in the pocket making them simple to carry. However, they are big enough to show the whole one side of your face at a go. They are compact mirrors and are usually magnified to give finer details. The handheld and handbag mirrors are under this category. These mirrors operate under small sized batteries that are replaceable to produce light for illumination.

Medium sized lighted makeup mirrors

They can either bee countertop or portable mirrors. They are quite large to give you a larger and clear overview of your face as you apply makeup. Also, these mirrors can also be mounted on the wall. They might be free moving which enables you to moved between rooms without constraint. Most of these mirrors are usually purchased for bathroom use.
Large-sized makeup mirrors

These mirrors are mostly used on vanity dressers and can be mounted on the wall. They are big enough to provide a clear overview of your face and the entire upper part of your body. This is helpful since it assists you to know the kind of dressing that will go with your makeup. They are not portable, and they may not receive natural lighting. However, they have high quality LED bulbs which illuminate strong and bright light that mimics that of natural lighting. These mirrors are quite expensive and are not affordable for everyone.

Complete Buying guide for when you are purchasing makeup mirrors mirrors

Size and Weight

Different people purchase mirrors for different reasons. Before you purchase lighted makeup mirrors, you have to look at their weight and their size. Light and small mirrors are best for travel mirrors for portability. For table tops, the base of the mirror should be a bit heavy to increase its stability.

Mirrors with the size of 5” are best for children while those of size 7” and above are suited for adults. Large mirrors are suitable for table-tops while medium sized mirrors are suitable for the wall mounted makeup mirrors.

Distortion is another fundamental aspect to look at when you are purchasing mirrors. The best mirror is the one that is distortion free glass since it will offer a spectacularly clear view. Bathroom mirrors require a mirror that will give an excellent overview and therefore it is necessary to look out for this feature when making your purchases.

Fog resistance

This factor mainly applies for bathroom lighted makeup mirrors. If you intend to purchase a beauty mirror with lights for your bathroom, it is crucial to make purchases of mirrors that are fog resistant. Water from the shower tends to enter inside a mirror in the form of fog. When the fog enters the mirror, you cannot have a clear overview of yourself. A fog resistant mirror is the one that is coated with a hydrophobic coating. This glass coating does not allow water to stick on the mirror.


Magnification varies from one lighted magnifying mirror to another. Some mirrors have ×10 magnifications while others have ×5 magnification. Magnification is useful for different reasons. For instance, if you are applying make up that requires a steady hand and precision such as applying eyeliner, having a close-up of what you are applying is very helpful. In other cases for example when you are using a concealer, a magnifying mirror with light can be handy to show you how the colors mend together. There are some cases where magnification can be helpful. Nevertheless, magnification varies from person to person. There are those who prefer large magnification to see the pores, and there are those who want to keep it low.

You should choose a mirror with multiple magnifications which will assist you to catch finer details. Magnified mirrors help a user to view certain parts of the face without constraints. A makeup mirror with a normal side will assist a user to have a clear overview. A magnified mirror will assist you to apply make up in other areas where you would have constrained with a normal overview.


Before you purchase a lighted make up mirror, it is important to choose the best lightning source. We know that a mirror works in the presence of light so that it can illuminate. Most of our rooms don't have access to natural light, and therefore we have to select the best lighting when we purchase. Again, you cannot depend on the lighting of your room since most of our rooms have a yellowish light which offers challenges when applying makeup.

Dim lights may make you apply too bright color on your skin complexion or may make you apply an excess of it. Makeup mirror with lights will produce natural light that will provide you with a natural glow and thus make it easier when you are applying makeup. When selecting lighted makeup mirrors, you should go for the one that you can adjust brightness and the one that produces the kind of light you need to give you a super glow.

You should select a lighted makeup mirror with LED lights. This is because led makeup mirrors last for a longer period of time and have replaceable bulbs. Moreover, with LED lights you can adjust the brightness through the adjusting knob. Standard lights are also perfect for lighted makeup since they provide a natural glow. However, they require multiple bulbs to produce such kind of a glow.

This is another feature that you should be keen on when purchasing lighted makeup mirrors. Consider lighted makeup mirrors which will give you all necessary view angles as you dress. You should go for tiltable mirror, swing or swivel to give you a wider range of view. For wall mounted mirrors you should look those with adjustable mounts so that you can change the position of view. For tabletop, mirrors make sure that their base weight is adjustable and you can tilt for various positions.

Lighted makeup mirrors come in different styles and features. Also, consider how will your interior influence your purchase. Therefore, you have to be creative and smart to select the one that suits your interior best. For bathroom makeup mirrors, choose a classy and a decorative one which will be appealing.

best makeup mirror


This is a major factor that you should consider when purchasing best makeup mirrors whether, for travel, wall mounted or tabletops. A durable mirror will give you a longer service without the cost incurred when making replacements. Before you purchase, you should ensure that you go for led light mirror which is made up of LED bulbs. LED bulbs go for a long time without the need to replace. Do not just go for an appealing material, select a material that is durable and will last for long. For bathroom wall mounted mirrors, ensure that they are coated with glass to prevent fog which tends to lower the quality of the mirror.

Source of lighting

For Travel lighted makeup mirrors, you should select the one with rechargeable batteries instead of the replaceable ones who turn out to be costly. For other types of mirror, you should purchase the one with both features; rechargeable batteries and plug on the wall. You should look for a convenient source of power since some of the lighted makeup mirrors require more power watts for proper light illumination.


Light up makeup mirrors vary in price based on the type of mirror you need. You should go for the one with quality features but still fits your budget.

Benefits of having a lighted makeup mirror:
• It is inexpensive and therefore affordable based on the type you require
• Some of them (travel makeup mirror) are portable, and one can use them at any place
• Best makeup mirrors need minimal attention since they are made up of high quality and durable materials
• Lighted makeup mirrors have LED lights which are durable and illuminate quality brightness
• Lighted makeup mirrors are distortion free glass that enables you to have a clear overview of yourself
• The lighting source of lighted makeup mirrors is replaceable while some of them are rechargeable. Moreover, these mirrors offer an alternative of plug-in into the wall
• There are a variety of lighted makeup mirrors based on the purpose, size, and needs

Why you should own a lighted makeup mirror

At affordable cost, the lighted up mirror illuminates light which assists you to put on makeup perfectly, if you are a makeup artist, the lighted makeup mirror is the best option due to the number of endless features it offers.


There are varieties of lighted makeup mirrors based on the size and based on the purpose of the mirror. However, they all have on a characteristic that they have their own lighting which they use to illuminate. As we have seen, there are some factors that you need to consider for finding best lighted makeup mirror. These factors are crucial, and if adhered to, you will end up purchasing the best-lighted makeup mirror based on your needs and purpose.