How to Get the Most Out of Your Steam Deck Cooler Fan

EasySMX D10 is a cooler specially designed for Steam Deck. Its appearance provides a brand new solution for game lovers, making your gaming experience smoother and more stable. So, how do you get the most out of this cooler? Let's explore together.

Understand and use the in-line design: The in-line design of EasySMX D10 is its biggest feature, and this design is the most effective cooling mode. When your Steam Deck is running a large game or running for a long time, you can adjust the EasySMX D10 to the maximum gear to maintain the stability and performance of the device.

Keep the anti-slip mat clean: EasySMX D10 is made of nano-glue material with anti-slip design. When the anti-slip mat is stained with dust, it can be wiped dry with water to restore its stickiness. Therefore, cleaning the non-slip mat regularly to keep it sticky can make the device more stable during use.

Flexible adjustment of wind speed gears: EasySMX D10’s three-level wind speed gear design allows you to flexibly adjust the wind speed gears according to the usage of the Steam Deck. For example, when you are using lightly, you can choose gear 1; when you are using moderately, you can choose gear 2; when you are using heavily, you can choose gear 3.

Make full use of the indicator light: the white indicator light of EasySMX D10 can indicate the wind speed gear and charging status. By observing the change of the indicator light, you can know the status of the device at any time and better control the device.

Reasonable arrangement of charging time: EasySMX D10 only needs 1.5 hours of charging, which can bring 3-7 hours of cool play time. Therefore, you can reasonably arrange the charging time according to your game plan to ensure a worry-free gaming experience.

Keep a good use environment: EasySMX D10 adopts high-quality turbo radiator, hydraulic bearing low-noise design, less than 45 DBA when holding the device. Therefore, maintaining a good use environment can allow you to enjoy a better experience during the game.

As long as you fully understand and utilize the functions of EasySMX D10, you can maximize the performance and stability of your Steam Deck, so as to obtain a better gaming experience. Whether you are at home or on the go, whether you are doing light use or heavy use, EasySMX D10 can provide you with the best solution. So let's take full advantage of EasySMX D10 and enjoy a smoother and more stable gaming experience.