How to Choose the Right Coffee Maker

As coffee becomes the most popular hot drink in the USA, naturally more and more options are appearing on the market when it comes to choosing your coffee maker. Gone are the days when you bought the only machine available for non-commercial use and went to a coffee house for a good cup of freshly ground coffee. Now you can have your choice of coffee machines at home to suit all of your needs.

Before we talk about which coffee machine is right for you, firstly it’s essential to mention that whichever machine you choose, the beans you use will also affect the taste and quality of your coffee. Always ensure you are buying the roast that suits your tastes and that you buy the good quality coffee beans you can afford.

Below you will find 7 options of coffee machine on the market and who each machine is the best suited to.

Grind-and-Brew Coffee Machine
This type of machine gives you the best of both worlds – freshly ground coffee without the need for a separate grinder.

Cuisinart DGB-625BC Grind-and-Brew 12-Cup Automatic Coffeemaker

This machine is ideal for anyone who is short on space to have a grinder or who doesn’t want to have to mess around every time they want a cup of coffee. Be aware that this kind of machine must be regularly maintained and cleaned to keep it working efficiently.

Capsule and Ground Coffee Machine
These machines come with a huge range of flavours and brews, all of which are contained in a single use shot which has the perfect balance of capsule and ground to give you a great drink every time.

This machine type is perfect for anyone who wants to enjoy more fiddly drinks without having to put in a whole lot of effort to learn how to make them. Whether you’re a steadfast pack user, or prefer your own grounds, you can do either in such coffee maker. Single-serve machine is such an exceptional innovation.

Manual Espresso Machine
This machine is like the kind you see in coffee houses where the coffee grinds are added for each new cup. This machine is for those who enjoy a good latte or cappuccino made with freshly ground coffee. The milk wand allows you to steam your milk to perfection and create the perfect latte.

Breville Duo-Tem Pro Espresso Machine

The manual machine is a lot trickier to operate than some of the other choices, but once you get used to it, is the most versatile machine that allows you to customise each cup to the individual’s tastes.

French Press Machine
A French press makes good, strong espresso and when using a good bean, can really add depth to the flavour of your drink.

Secura 1 Liter Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker

The French press is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to make a large pot of coffee in one go, but who still wants that freshly ground flavour. It’s not ideal for large families as the brewing time is quite long.

Paper Filter Coffee Machine
These machines make brewing a large pot of coffee at a time easy. They are perfect for those who have a large family or who entertain regularly.

The paper filters are great for anyone who doesn’t want to have to clean a built in filter regularly. They can work out expensive in the long run when buying paper filters though.

Paperless Filter Coffee Machine
These machines work exactly the same as paper filter coffee machines except they have a built in, reusable filter.

They are perfect for the environmentally conscious as there is less waste, but they aren’t so good for anyone who is always in a hurry as the filter does need to be emptied and cleaned after every use.

Single Cup Drip Coffee Machine
These small funnel type devices hold a paper filter and balance on the rim of your cup. They will make a great single cup of coffee.

BLACK+DECKER Brew 'n Go Personal Coffeemaker

They are perfect for anyone who travels a lot as they’re small enough to pop in your bag without taking up too much space. They aren’t the best choice for anyone who will have multiple people wanting to use the machine.

Whether you’re a total coffee lover, or you just enjoy the occasional cup, choosing the right coffee maker for your needs is important as for many people, a coffee maker is something that’s expected to last them a good few years.

Without a sales hat on, we’re going to give you some advice on how to choose the RIGHT coffee maker. With so many choices available, it can be hard to know which one is right for you. Here are seven things to consider for buying your right machine:

1. Brewing Temperature

The perfect brewing temperature of a coffee maker is 196F to 250F. So if you enjoy a full bodied coffee, then it’s important to choose a machine that brews at a high enough temperature (roughly 200F).

2. Servings Per Brew

Consider the number of individuals and the average cup of coffee that you will consume every day.
If you have five members in the family and buy a coffee maker that can only brew two cups of coffee, then you will find it is inconvenient to make the process over and over again. In such case, a coffee maker that makes 10 cups or more will be a better fit.
If you like a nice morning coffee and that’s you done for the day, a single serve machine is a great option, but if you can easily get through several cups in a couple of hours, then a large brew pot is an essential to save time.

3. Costs

Looking for a coffee maker that is within your budget and with appropriate features may cost some days. Some of the features that can be found in expensive models will not be present in cheap ones. But the truth is that, “expensive” does not mean the best and RIGHT. Make sure your long-term needs, your budget, and the number of shopping times you can accept, then you’ll find it is not so difficult!
Of course if you want good coffee, you’ll need to invest in a good quality coffee bean, but think about the additional costs. For example, pods are much more expensive in the long term than coffee beans which you grind yourself.

4. Timing

If you’re always in a hurry to brew your coffee and leave for work, then consider either a pod machine or drip machine with a pre-programmable timer to ensure your coffee is ready fast. If time isn’t a worry for you and you love the smell of coffee brewing, then a drip machine could be a better option.

5. Maintenance

Cleaning your coffee machine can be a real drag and if you hate doing tasks like this, then perhaps a paper filter machine would be best for you rather than having to clean the filter all the time. Alternatively, choose a drip machine with dish washer safe parts.
Besides, do note that the warranty of a merchant provides on the coffee maker. This should be taken into consideration along with your budget. Compared to spending too much over next weeks or months on parts repair and replacement, those machines with over 3 years warranty or thoughtful refund policy, will be the better choice.

6. Carafe

This mainly depends on how quickly you’ll finish the pot. While glass carafes look much nicer, they will only keep your coffee warm for around twenty minutes. A thermal carafe can keep it warm for upwards of an hour.

7. Other Features

Different coffee models have their outstanding features. But you can try to buy one with more features as much as possible. Depending on what you like in your usual cup of coffee, some of these might be worth keeping an eye out for while you’re shopping around:
• Auto Shutoff We all must have experienced the earliest morning sunrise or got into the embarrassment that we forgot to turn the coffee maker off. Then, a coffee maker with auto shutoff function will help a lot to your morning rituals.
• Programmable Settings If you are someone who wants to be able to pre-programme the machine to start up and have your coffee ready when you wake up, check any machine you consider has this feature. If you know you’ll never use the extra features, then it can be a waste of money paying for them and you will be best off going with a standard option machine.

The Last Word
The decision to purchase a good and right coffee maker should not be taken lightly, so it’s vital to consider a few key points before making snap judgement. Do get to know the types of machine on the market and have these considerations in mind, then you can make an informed decision when purchasing your first coffee machine. This will balance both your budget and the needs of your venture, enabling you to strike cost-effective solutions that allow you to streamline your morning routine and coffee flavour!