Hamswan KP-1506 personal blender review | Take it wherever you go

We’ve tested the Hamswan KP-1506 personal blender in this review to present you with information about its real performance and all the information you may need for a confident purchase.

As the demand for healthy diets is growing, more and more blenders appear on the market, glass jar blenders, party blenders, dispensing blenders and so much more. In this post, we will take a detailed look at one of the latest offerings - the Hamswan KP-1506 personal blender. You've probably already seen at the colorful ads. But what is KP-1506 personal blender really like? Read on to find out about our hands-on experience, performance tests and the final verdict. We promise to keep it real!

Part 1. Package Contents
Part 2. Key Features Tests
Part 3. Conclusion & Suggestions

Package Contents

Once we unbox the KP-1506 personal blender, we can see the blender, a 600ml (20oz) cup, a 300ml (10oz) cup, two drinking lids and a user manual, which are the most accessible accessories for new starters to make milkshake, vegetable puree, salad dressing, smoothies, pancake batter, baby food and pesto on the go.

Key Features Tests

On the Hamswan KP-1506 personal blender’s product page, you can read about most of the blender’s promised features like its 4-leaf stainless steel blades, pulse blending, portability and more. But is it all it promise to be? For the post, we’ve tested Hamswan KP-1506 personal blender’s key features to provide our readers with the most accurate and real tests possible.

In addition to the tough housing, you will find two cups made from food-grade AS material. Thanks to this material, the cups are BPA free for drinking without plastic smell. What’s more, both drinking lids are equipped with lock catch and sealing rings to prevent liquids leakage and bring blending into functional portability.


When using the pulse button, the blender works at high speed and stops immediately when you release the button. This gives you full control over the process to create a finer texture with ease, simply by flicking the blender “PULSE” and “OFF” multiple times.

Generally the rough calculation to the noise is that for every 10 dB increase, loudness level doubles. This means in this case, a standard blender (which blends at about 88 dB from 2 feet away) is twice as loud as a blender that operates at 78 dB. A few decibels really count!

We blended 600ml water with high speed and found the following decibel results:

In terms of noise in our view, this blender is much quieter than normal blender. This is really well priced for such excellent sound level!


The maximum rotational speed of blades is 24653RPM. We make a comparison list with some models of Vitamix.

Everyone knows that Vitamix blenders spin fast, but surprisingly, the KP-1506 and Pro 500 has approximately the same speeds. If you don’t want a blender that takes forever to blend up your food and pay much on high end blenders, this one will definitely suit your needs.


We blended banana milkshake and shaved ice to test the performance.

It is proved that no matter what ingredients you put into the blender, it keeps a great flavor and consistency. But just keep one thing in mind --- Cut into roughly sized pieces instead of whole sizes, if you plan to blend fruits and vegetables.

Conclusion & Suggestions

Having used the Hamswan KP-1506 personal blender and tested out its key features, here’s the conclusion we’ve arrived at.