Empowering Gamers with EasySMX 9013 Pro Controller

Gaming has transformed over the years from a solitary pursuit to a social activity that brings people together. With the rise of online multiplayer games, the need for high-quality gaming peripherals has never been more essential. The EasySMX 9013 Pro Controller is a device that empowers gamers by providing an unmatched combination of control, comfort, and customization. Let's delve deeper into its features that make it a must-have for every gamer.

  1. Ergonomic Design:

Comfort is paramount for any gamer, especially during prolonged gaming sessions. The EasySMX 9013 Pro has an ergonomic design that fits comfortably in your hands. Its non-slip surface ensures a firm grip, allowing you to execute precise movements effortlessly.

  1. Wide Range of Compatibility:

In a world where gamers use multiple platforms, the EasySMX 9013 Pro stands out with its broad compatibility. It can be used with PC, PS3, and Android devices. This means you don't have to buy multiple controllers for different gaming platforms, saving you both money and space.

  1. Wireless Convenience:

Nobody likes being tethered to their gaming console or PC. The EasySMX 9013 Pro offers 2.4G wireless technology, enabling you to play games from a distance of up to 10 meters away from your device. This means you can move around freely and find the most comfortable spot to game from.

  1. Turbo Function:

The EasySMX 9013 Pro features a turbo function that allows you to assign rapid fire to any button. This can be a game-changer in situations that require quick reflexes, such as shooting games or fast-paced action games.

  1. Long-lasting Battery:

There is nothing more frustrating than your controller dying in the middle of an intense gaming session. The EasySMX 9013 Pro comes with a built-in rechargeable battery that provides up to 8 hours of continuous gaming. This ensures that you can game for extended periods without any interruptions.


The EasySMX 9013 Pro Controller is designed to empower gamers by providing a combination of control, comfort, and customization. Its ergonomic design, wide range of compatibility, wireless convenience, turbo function, and long-lasting battery make it a must-have for any serious gamer. Enhance your gaming experience and get the upper hand in competitive play with the EasySMX 9013 Pro Controller.