Beat the Heat - 5 Portable Fans That You Should Have This Summer

Have you found that we always believe that this summer is hotter than ever! Yes! It’s hotter and hotter and never stops. We can enjoy the air conditioners freely at home or office, but what will you take when you are going outside? Handheld Fan! That’s my solution. And it actually resolves my problem and makes me feel great.

Here are something I found out when I search for a personal mini fan.

Generally, mini fans usually are divided into two types: table/desk fan for home/office use and handheld fan for outside activities such as shopping, hiking, and camping and other outdoors. Most of them are made from metal, plastic, ABS and PP as material. The table fan usually uses metal as material to ensure strong air flow and need charging when use, while the handheld fan usually uses the ABS and PP and is chargeable so that they are lightweight and portable.

Here are the fans that I would love to own:

Stylish design and produces a strong stream

HAMSWAN mini fan is lightweight and produces a strong stream. Importantly its stylish and compact appearance attracts me and well fits my on-the-go style. It is an amazing small and powerful fan and it works quiet, great for outdoors or hot indoor activities. The lanyard hole makes it convenient to take and its mini size makes it very portable. Built-in 1200 mAh rechargeable lithium battery can work for a great long time. Two speeds for you to choose. This is one of my favorites. Great as a handheld fan and meet almost all of my needs.

Weight: 4.8 ounces
Product dimensions: 3.7*1.3*7.5 inches
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Speed level: 2

Foldable fan that works for a long time

This fan works for a longer time with a large chargeable battery of 2600mAh that need 4.5 hours to have a fully charge. And looks bigger than the last one while it can be folded as a desktop fan. Compared to be used as a handheld fan, it works greater as a mini foldable desktop fan that can be easily moved from a room to another room since it is bigger than we’d like to carry around. The feature that I like most is that it works about 10 hours at speed 1. So if you need a desktop fan and want to take outside at times, you can try this.

Weight: 6.2 ounces
Size: 4.1*2.4*4.3 inches
Battery capacity: 2600mAh
Speed level: 3

Portable with a strap and have LED light

This handheld fan is powerful while it is a bit larger. And comes with a removable silicone handle cover with strap makes it easy to hold and carry. It also works for a long time, about 2 to 5 hours. The difference between this one and the last two fans is that it has LED light. It can be used as emergency light as needed.

Weight: 8.3 ounces
Size: 9.1*4.7*1.8 inches
Battery capacity: 2200mAh
Speed level: 3

Portable misting fan

Varied from the standard fan, this handheld fan can spray mist to cool you off. There is a hole for filing water on the upper side. Three operating modes: fan, misty and fan + misty and it can work for about 3 to 7 hours depending on the working modes. It is easy to carry and take thanks to the compact design with a convenient handle. This one is also powered by a rechargeable battery with a micro USB port and there are indicators showing the operating modes and current battery on the front. If you like misting fan, this one maybe an alternative.

Weight: 10.6 ounces
Product dimensions: 3.7*1.2*6.9 inches
Operating modes: Fan/Misty/Fan+Mist

2-Way design for desktop & handheld fan

This mini fan is what I like most for it is designed with a detachable base, which makes it able to be used as handhold fan & desktop fan. You can enjoy the cool wind all the time but hands-free with its bottom design whatever you use it outside or at home.
Besides, it is built with a rechargeable battery, which can be charged via USB cable. It adopts ABS and soft silicone material to have an elegant appearance. I like its color since it reminds me of the colorful natural world.

Weight: 6.9 ounces
Package dimension: 4.7*8.6*2.9 inches
Battery capacity: 1200mAh
Speed level: 3

Above all, handheld fans share a lot similar features such as portable, lightweight, rechargeable and with built-in battery. The things that you shall consider are that how big does the fan need to be, how powerful does the fan need to be and how long does the fan need to work and what features do you want. Having the answers to those questions, I believe you will choose the perfect one for yourselves! And you also need to figure out where you will use the fan most. If you want to buy a handheld fan to cool you off when you are outside then a smaller and lightweight one would be better. But if you always use the fan when you are at home or in office then a desktop fan maybe a better choice. And if you prefer misting fans then follow your heart.